• MCTC100T+015TBK/SL

    MIXBERRY Type C Cable
      • Premium aluminum connectors
      • Textile braided cable
      • Durable and tangle-free
      • Sync and charge
      • Compatible with all type C 2.0 devices
      • 1.0m optimal for using with wall charger or car charger
      • 0.15m optimal for using with power bank or laptop
      • Supports Adaptive technology for fast charging
      • Comes with Velcro organizer
  • MIXBERRY Type C to USB A set of 2 two textile braided cables with  aluminum connectors is an excellent solution for fast charging and reliable syncing all your last generation devices usingUSB type C 2.0 ports. The 1.0m cable is optimal for use with wall charger or car charger. The 0.15m cable can be used with power bank, laptop or any other close-at-hand USB ports. Available in two colors, silver and black. USB C20.0 offer high speed data transfer and fast chargin especially witih Qualcomm and adaptive technology chargers (3.6-6.5V/2.1Amp, 6.5-9V/1.3Amp. 6.5-12V/1Amp). The set comes with Velcro organizer for easy wrapping to reduce cable clutter. MIXBERRY Lightning to USB Set of 2 two textile braided cables with 8-pin aluminum connectors features an advanced design and superior quality.
  • Model Number:
    Cable type:
    USB to USB type C, Micro USB, Lightning
    up to 2.4 Amp
    Textile, Aluminim, Copper
    Silver, Black
    EAN Silver
    EAN Black
    Package Weight:
    80 grams
    Cable Length:
    1.0m + 0.15m
    Package Length:
    6.5 cm
    Package Width:
    3.0 cm
    Package Height:
    29.0 cm
    Country Manufacturer: 
    6 months
  • Type C Cable set
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