MIXBERRY 3 Lens Set for Smartphones: Macro, Wide Angle, Fisheye
      • Wide Angle lens 120 degrees
      • Macro lens x15 zoom
      • Fisheye lens 180 degrees
      • Universal clip attachment
      • High light sensitivity
      • Made of aluminum and optical glass
      • Works on front and rear-facing cameras
      • Compatible with most smartphones and tablets
      • Lightweight and compact
      • Comes with Case for Lenses with Carbine Hook and Cleaning Cloth
  • MIXBERRY SELFIMANIA 3 Lens Set for Smartphones and Tablets includes a Macro lens, a Wide Angle lens, a Fisheye lens and a Universal lens clip. The set gives users the freedom to experience photography and video with premium quality results carrying only a pocket size case. Lightweight and compact design each lens work either on the rear-facing camera or the front facing camera, which enables mobile photographer to shoot creative selfies or exciting panoramas.

    Fisheye lens creates an image that is a circular, curved, distorted view of reality. Fisheye lens is used for shooting extremely wide panoramas of landscapes and the sky, and for photographing close-up subjects such as crowds, interiors, and architecture. The images the lens produces are highly distorted, with a dynamic, abstract feel.

    Macro lens offers excellent result of close-up photography. The lens reveals the tiniest of subjects. Macro lens is often used to take pictures of insects, flowers, jewelry or other objects you want “to see closer”. It is a great way to explore the miniature worlds that exist all around us

    Wide angle lens is used to photograph landscapes, interiors, and unique perspectives on subjects in a limited amount of space or to create a close-to-subject perspective that gives the viewer a sense of presence in the photo.

    The lenses need to be screwed to the universal clip which is included in the set. Macro lens has to be screwed to the Wide angle lens in order to be used.

    The lenses are made of premium-quality optical glass and top-grade aluminum.

    MIXBERRY 3 Lens Set for Smartphones is engineered to make your own photo or video look like professional one.

  • Model Number:
    Aluminum, optical glass
    Product Weight:
    63 grams
    Product Height:
    5.5 cm
    Product Length:
    11.5 cm
    Product Width:
    4.4 cm
    Package Weight:
    100 grams
    Package Height:
    10.0 cm
    Package Length:
    3.0 cm
    Package Width:
    16.8 cm
    Country Manufacturer: 
    1 Year
    • Macro Lens
    • Wide Angle Lens
    • Fisheye Lens
    • Universal Clip
    • Case for Lenses with Carbine hook
    • Cleaning Cloth
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