• MXAPS4

    MIXBERRY AirPods Silicone Straps
      • Secures your AirPods to one another in all situations
      • Rest your AirPods on your neck
      • Sets of colors to match your style
  • The MIXBERRY Airpods straps are made of the highest silicon quality to ensure a light weight product but grantiing extra durability and flexibility. They attach the AirPods to one another allowing you to rest them comfortably on your neck while on the go, on the train, on the bus or in the car. They are ideal to keep your AirPods close by during outdoor activities reducing the chance of loosing one of them, or both. Each Airpods can slidsecurely into the built-in sleeve on each end of the strap. The strap is around 47cm (18.5") long for extra comfort and security. The strap can be changed and removed quickly to match your style or cord-free at any time. The package includes 4 silicone straps color white, black, pink and torquise
    • Silicone strap color white
    • Silicone strap color black
    • Silicone strap color baby blue
    • Silicone strap color pink
  • Model Number:
    Black, white, baby blue and pink
    3 g per silicone strap
    Package Weight:
    49 g
    Package Height:
    17 cm
    Package Length:
    10 cm
    Package Width:
    2.5 cm
    Country Manufacturer:
    6 months
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