MIXBERRY LifeCamera 4K Ultra HD compact camera

MIXBERRY rolls out a brand new action cam - MIXBERRY LifeCamera 4K Ultra HD capable to capture high quality video under any weather conditions. The product supports video up to 4K and comes with multiple accessories making it easier to shoot extreme video.



The new device supports several video modes. In 4K it supports 25 FPS, while in less consuming FullHD 30 or 60 FPS. The camera features an incredibly rich package, enabling its use almost everywhere, including bike or car rides, and while doing sports. You can attach MIXBERRY LifeCamera 4K Ultra HD anywhere – to your backpack, or on you belt, or even to a vehicle. Besides it comes with waterproof case that also protects camera against sand, dust and rain.



You can control the camera using its controls as well as via our mobile app (iOS/Android based smartphones and tabs supported). Using this free app you can view captured video or copy it into your smartphone storage without removing camera SD card/connecting camera to PC. With MIXBERRY LifeCamera 4K Ultra HD you can easily capture the most exciting moments of your life or get a new look at the most ordinary things around you!

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