New Charging Cables from MIXBERRY

MIXBERRY introduces new products in the MOBILE POWER line: certified Lightning cables and universal 3 in 1 charging cables with all necessary connectors: Micro USB, USB Type-C and certified Lightning connector.

Thanks to the new universal cable from MIXBERRY, you no longer need to carry a few wires to charge your gadgets, now only one is enough, which is ideal for almost all devices! The 3-in-1 universal cable has all the necessary connectors: Micro USB (used on most smartphones and tablets), a USB Type-C connector (used in a new generation of smartphones and tablets) and a certified Lightning connector (used in all Apple devices on the iPhone 5 Generation and up, iPad 4-th generation and above, iPad Mini 1-st generation and above). The accessory allows not only to charge your gadget, but also to quickly synchronize it with other devices, also the cable is protected from electromagnetic and radio interference.

New Lightning MIXBERRY cables with aluminum connectors support fast charging technology and are particularly reliable. Cables are available in two versions: with a braid of stainless steel and eco-leather. The cable length of 1 m is optimal for use in the car, at the workplace and together with the charger. Cables have special fasteners for convenient storage and are available in several colors: white and black for cables with braid of eco-leather, black and chromium for cables with steel braiding.

All cables have an Apple MFI certificate, which means that the accessories contain a unique, proven serial number and an authorized chip manufactured by Apple to ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.

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